Wizards of the Coast revealed the latest product in its Secret Lair Drop Series this afternoon: the Godzilla Lands Secret Lair. It will contain five Japanese foil, full-art basic lands with art featuring Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, and Hedorah, and will go on sale May 7 (for 24 hours only!) for $29.99.

The basic lands from the Godzilla Lands Secret Lair

The art for the the Godzilla Lands Secret Lair fit right in with the Godzilla Monster Series from Magic’s newest set, Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. The Series is comprised of 19 alternate version of cards from Ikoria with art that features Godzilla and many of the Toho Company’s other kaiju.

Previous Secret Lairs had pre-printed allotments that shipped to the first orders placed, often arriving days after the drop, with the rest of the orders being fulfilled as more product was printed. Unfortunately, due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, the Godzilla Lands Secret Lair has yet to be printed and all orders will “be printed after the sale has concluded.”

“We anticipate your drops will arrive around July,” Wizards said, “but the final timeline will depend on when our production partners are back up and running at full capacity.”

The Godzilla Lands Secret Lair will go on sale on May 7, 2020 on the Secret Lair store for $29.99 and will be available for the usual 24-hour period. The drop will ship to a similar list of countries as previous Secret Lairs—however, Wizards has added new shipping facilities in Europe to improve the distribution of Secret Lair products across the pond. They are introducing UK and European Secret Lair stores (which aren’t live quite yet) to serve the European market, which will lower shipping costs and expand shipping support to nine new European countries.

This is the 17th announced drop in the Secret Lair Drop Series, following the April Fools-themed “greatest” Magic cards of all time drop that will be given to local games stores later this year at no cost. Wizards has also announced a separate Secret Lair branded product, called Secret Lair Ultimate Edition, which contains all five enemy-colored fetchlands and will release on May 29, 2020.

The Godzilla Lands first appeared last week in a now-deleted Instagram post that showed all five cards, their price, and the fact that they were foil.

Check out the amazing art for the five basic lands in the Godzilla Lands Secret Lair below.

Plains by Lars Grant-West

Island by Jonas De Ro

Swamp by Lucas Graciano

Mountain by Grzegorz Rutkowski

Forest by Jenn Ravenna Tran

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