Today, Wizards of the Coast announced the Secret Lair Drop Series, a new sub-brand of Magic: the Gathering products that will “explore new (and potentially weird) ways to celebrate the original strategy card game and its fans.”

The first drop of Secret Lair will be made up of seven theme sets featuring three to seven reprints per drop, each with new art, tokens, a collector box, a code for MTG Arena sleeve styles, and a code for a copy of each card on Magic Online, all sold via the Wizards of the Coast store. The drops begin on December 2 at 12 PM Eastern through December 9 with each drop being available for 24 hours. All seven will be sold as a bundle on December 2 for $199.99, with each individual bundle sold one at a time for the next seven days for either $29.99 or $39.99, depending on the drop.

The schedule for the drops will be as follows:

  • 12/2: Secret Lair Bundle of all seven drops, $199.99
  • 12/3: Bitterblossom Dreams, $29.99
  • 12/4: Eldraine Wonderland, $29.99
  • 12/5: Restless in Peace, $29.99
  • 12/6: Seeing Visions, $29.99
  • 12/7: <explosion sounds>, $29.99
  • 12/8: Kaleidoscope Killers, $39.99
  • 12/9: OMG KITTIES!, $39.99

Unlike previous special releases, the Secret Lair Drop Series won’t run out of stock. “Everyone who wants one can have one, as long as they show up during the 24-hour window that the drop is happening,” Product Architect Mark Heggen told IGN, though they are limited to 10 per customer. The drops will be available internationally, as well, to most countries in Europe and a select few in the Asia-Pacific region. (Check the full list here.)

The reveal of the Secret Lair Drop Series comes after nearly a week of teases on social media that led to intense community speculation about the product. Wizards says that the series is “a love letter for its fans” and is built “from the ground up to be a home for the stranger, more experimental, more unexpected cards that we think some players will love but don’t fit into our sets and other products.”

Heggen said that Wizards is “working with street artists, comic book artists, traditional Magic artists working with very non-traditional art briefs, album cover designers, and on and on and on,” in order to push the envelope of Magic art. “It really is a chance to welcome new artists and styles into the game, which is a big part of what makes this all so fun.”

There are seven drops in the first series of the Secret Lair Drop series but Wizards has more plans for the product continuing into 2020—and they’ll be “even weirder and more surprising.”

Bitterblossom Dreams

Kenji Egashira previewed the Bitterblossom Dreams drop this afternoon, which features a full-art Bitterblossom and four new Faerie Rogue tokens.

The cards in Bitterblossom Dreams from the Secret Lair Drop Series. 

Eldraine Wonderland

Amy the Amazonian previewed the Eldraine Wonderland drop, which contains five foil snow lands with art from the plane of Eldraine. They come with digital codes for a copy of each land on Magic Online and sleeve styles of MTG Arena.

The five foil snow lands in the Eldraine Wonderland drop from Secret Lair Drop Series.

Restless in Peace

Noxious revealed the Restless in Peace drop, which features Golgari Thug, Life from the Loam, and Bloodghast, the art for which (by Dan Mumford) creates a panorama.

The three cards in Restless in Peace from the Secret Lair Drop Series.

Seeing Visions

Krim Nguyen revealed the Seeing Visions drop, which is four foil versions of Serum Visions all by different artists.

Four different pieces of art for Serum Visions in the Seeing Visions drop from the Secret Lair Drop Series.

Seeing Visions will also come with this awesome MTG Arena sleeve style:

MTG Arena sleeve styles from Seeing Visions.

<explosion sounds>

PleasantKenobi revealed the <explosion sounds> drop, which features five of Magic’s most powerful goblins with art by Mike Uziel: Goblin Bushwacker, Goblin SharpshooterGoblin King,  Goblin Lackey, and Goblin Piledriver.

The five goblins in from the Secret Lair Drop Series.

Kaleidoscope Killers

The Command Zone revealed the Kaleidoscope Killers drop, which features three foil five-color legends with art from Justine Jones: Reaper King, The Ur-Dragon, and Sliver Overlord.

The three foil cards in Kaleidoscope Killers from the Secret Lair Drop Series.

The drop also comes with this MTG Arena sleeve style:

The MTG Arena sleeve style in Kaleidoscope Killers from the Secret Lair Drop Series.


IGN previewed the OMG KITTIES! drop, showing off five cats from Magic’s history that are being reprinted with new playful, cartoony art: Lenonin Warleader, Regal Caracal, Qasali Slingers, Arahbo, Roar of the Wild, and Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist.

The cards in OMG KITTIES! from the Secret Lair Drop Series.

Check out the full art of all five cards (and two tokens!) below.

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