On today’s Minute: Team Channel Fireball announced their new roster for the upcoming Pro Tour season. Plus, more information about MTG Arena!

Last night, Team Channel Fireball announced their roster for the upcoming Pro Tour season. The team will be captained by Luis Scott-Vargas, fresh off of his year-long break from the Pro scene, and will consist of members from each of the two CFB teams from last season: Martin Juza and Josh Utter-Leyton, previously of Team CFB Ice, plus Mike Sigrist, Ben Stark, and Paulo Vitor Dama da Rosa, previously of Team CFB Fire. That leaves the other Team CFB Fire and Ice players from last season, like Eric Froelich, as free agents—though LSV mentioned that there’s a chance Channel Fireball will add a second team.

Yesterday, Wizards of the Coast held another livestream to discuss the upcoming MTG Arena Beta. The hosts, Nate Price and Principle Game Designer Chris Clay, showed several iterations of MTG Arena user interface in order to justify its representation of tapping, which is currently a slightly rotated, grayed out card with the tap symbol on it. They also officially confirmed that MTG Arena will have sideboards and thus have 3-game matches, rather than restricting matches to a single game like in Hearthstone or Eternal.


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