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Drawing Live

Multiple Mana Lands

Eldrazi Temple and Eye of Ugin tap for multiple mana. Zach’s here with an analysis of EVERY LAND that does. How do the Temple and Eye match up?

Drawing Live

The Cost of the Modern Pro Tour

Zach examines the Modern bans and concludes we should have seen this coming.

What We Learned

Going Further with Premier Play Changes

This week we applaud Wizards for making changes to premier play but implore them to go even further

What We Learned

Improving the Pro Tour, Conclusion

This week we take what we learned from tennis, golf, and bowling and suggest radical changes for the Pro Tour

Card Kingdom

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What We Learned

Improving the Pro Tour, Part Two

This week we continue our look at how other competitive tours are structured and what we can apply to the Magic Pro Tour

What We Learned

Improving the Pro Tour, Part One

This week we look at alternative models for the Pro Tour structure in an attempt to address several key issues

What We Learned


Scouting has recently come to the forefront of the collective consciousness of the Magic community. What is it and who’s talking about it?

Doomed Travelers

Scout’s Honor

Join the Doomed Travelers as as they discuss the recent hullabaloo around organized scouting at Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir.

Counting to 20

Bombs Suck

GCB breaks down what made his draft decks at PT Dragons of Tarkir successful… or not so successful.

Counting to 20

Three Ways to Miss

Three tales of Magic players struggling to find purchase on the Pro Tour thrill ride.

Doomed Travelers

The Modern Format

Join the Doomed Travelers as they discuss the health of the Modern format…all while playing Destiny!