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Join the Doomed Travelers as they discuss the recent hullabaloo around organized scouting at Pro Tour Dragons of Tarkir. A thread posted on reddit last week accused a few pro teams of perfecting organized scouting to the point of knowing the entire 75 of each player in the room. While this is almost certainly untrue, reddit exploded at the notion of pro players compiling lists of players and their archetypes, despite the fact that this is a common strategy by any organized group at any Magic tournament. The Doomed Travelers also discuss the fake article announcing the return of mana burn and the legal reasoning behind Wizards’ response.

This episode’s panelists:

What do you think about organized scouting on the Pro Tour? Does it ruin an otherwise “pure” tournament experience? Did you get fooled by the phishing site announcing the return of mana burn? Let us know in the comments!


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