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None Shall Pass Bombs

Five Hidden Gems of Aether Revolt

Carrie highlights five gems from Aether Revolt that you can pick up late in your draft.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Trophy Mage

Carrie spent the weekend in the single-elimination online draft leagues.

None Shall Pass Bombs

The New Draft Metagame

Carrie breaks down the Aether Revolt draft metagame coming out of the Pro Tour.

Hipsters Presents

Pro Tour Aether Revolt Day One

Slept through Day One of Pro Tour Aether Revolt? We’ve got you covered!

Card Kingdom

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Hipsters Presents

Pro Tour Aether Revolt: Start Times, Decks, And More

Dave breaks down how to watch Pro Tour Aether Revolt.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Assembly Worker Revolt

Carrie went to town at the Aether Revolt prerelease with the grindiest deck of assembly workers ever built.

None Shall Pass Bombs

Tempo Evasion

Carrie looks ahead of Aether Revolt draft and explores the concept of tempo evasion.

What We Learned

Preparing for Aether Revolt

Aether Revolt has been fully spoiled and pre-releases are less than a week away. What can you expect from the latest Magic expansion?