Pro Tour weekends are like a quarterly Christmas for Magic: The Gathering fans, and Pro Tour Aether Revolt has been no exception. Hipsters has got you covered with video recaps of both drafts, all three rounds of limited, and all five rounds of Standard!

Coverage of Day Two of Pro Tour Aether Revolt begins Saturday, 9am UTC/4am Eastern/1am Pacific. Follow along live on Twitter with @HotCblog or look for our Day Two recap Saturday afternoon.

Draft 1: Ben Stark

Pro Tour Aether Revolt got off to an exciting start with an excellent draft from Limited master Ben Stark. Ben weathered a rough Pack 1, settled into his colors, got three rare gifts in Pack 3, and ended up with a great B/G deck.

Draft 1 (Bonus): Marcio Carvahlo

The bonus draft saw Marcio Carvahlo with the exact opposite luck of Ben Stark: amazing first two packs and a disaster of a third pack.

Round 1 (Draft): Ben Stark vs. Shuhei Nakamura

We couldn’t have asked for a better Round 1 matchup: two Hall of Famers, one of which we got to see draft. Ben Stark turned the corner in Game 1 with Ridgescale Tusker into Monstrous Onslaught to take the game, and then took game two easily after Shuhei mulled to six.

Round 2: Brad Nelson vs. Joel Larsson

Joel Larsson’s aggressive R/B deck got off to an amazing start Brad Nelson’s durdley U/R deck in Game 1, but Brad held on at one life and stabilized with Baral’s Expertise into Release the Gremlins, and eventually took the game. Nelson had a much better start in Game 2 and easily defeated Larsson’s weak opening to take the match.

Round 3: Ben Stark vs. Matt Nass

Channel Fireball Ice vs. Channel Fireball Fire saw and excellent Game 1 in which Ben Stark (Ice) finally prevailed, and a very underwhelming Game 2 featuring Matt Nass (fire) stuck on lands and subsequently steamrolled by a solid curve of green creatures.

Round 4 (Standard): Jelger Wiegersma vs. Luis Salvatto

Jelger Wiegersma played your standard B/G Delirium while Luis Salvatto brought spicy Improvise-based brew.

Round 5: Martin Juza vs. Jon Finkel

Both Martin Juza and Jon Finkel brought aggressive decks for the Standard portion of Pro Tour Aether Revolt: Martin playing Jund Energy Aggro and Jon piloting Mardu Vehicles.

Round 6: Victor Fernando Silva vs. Alexander Hayne

Fernando Silva brought his own G/B deck, built around Winding Constrictor, while Alexander Hayne played Mardu Vehicles.

Round 7: Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa vs. Simon Nielsen

Paulo Vitor Dama da Rosa piloted Mardu Vehicles (like many of the other Hall of Famers), while Simon Nielsen brought a Jund variation of the B/G Winding Constrictor deck.

Round 8: Thien Gnuyen vs. Cesar Segovia

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