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Strixhaven’s Killian Lu with Michelle and Ryan, Part 1

The goblins and guests discuss the story of Killian so far, the myth of the model minority, as well as the idea of tiger parenting.

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Who Put Their School in My Guild?

The goblins discuss how use of Ravnica guild names as shorthand references for Magic’s color pairs could be facing a paradigm shift.

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Who’s Your Commander With Gregory Sablan

Hobbes sits down with one of the newest members of the Commander Advisory Group to discuss this new role.

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Princess Lily and the Food Vendors of Ravnica

Princess Lily joins the goblins to talk about, well, a lot of things.

Card Kingdom

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The Bard’s Tale (Part 2)

The goblins finish their two-part episode on music and storytelling.

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The Bard’s Tale

The goblins begin the first part of a two-part episode on music and storytelling.

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Ok, But What is a Sandwich?

The goblins are back for another episode discussing their Color Pie Theory for Food and Cooking.

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Fairy Tales and Artist Proofs

The goblins discuss deck building and ways to both personalize and to use your deck to tell a story.

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Niko Aris and Queerness

The goblins discuss Niko Aris, a non-binary Planeswalker from Theros that was introduced in Kaldheim.

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Finishing Up with Commander Legends, Part 2

The goblins continue exploring the new legends from Commander Legends.

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A Conversation with Ellie of the Veil

Ellie joins the cast to talk cosplay and representation in Magic.