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Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 4: Santa’s Workshop

Mishra’s Factory operates throughout the winter, producing an efficient stream of toys.

Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 3: Festive Colors

Today’s Naya jumpstart pack features Mayael the Anima and Jegantha, the Wellspring.

Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 2: Eight Tiny Reindeer

Our second Jumpstart holiday pack features a number of snow permanents and elk.

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A Gruul Change of Heart

Magic’s most stubborn color pair needs a makeover.

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Hipsters Presents

Jumpstart Advent Calendar Day 1: You Better Watch Out!

The Jumpstart Advent Calendar is coming to town.

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The Lost Year

Commander Legends is the latest exciting Magic release to miss its day in the sun.

Hipsters Presents

Jump/Scare: A Halloween Jumpstart Cube

Get the party started this Halloween with Jump/Scare!

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The Brilliance of Zendikar Rising

Zendikar Rising takes mini-mechanics in a bold, new, and awesome direction.

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Plains Improvement: The Worst Color in Limited Grows Up

After years of suffering in Limited, white has branched out in new directions.


Early Riffs on Zendikar Rising

What is going on with the cats of Zendikar?

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Design of a Card: Anointed Chorister

Anointed Chorister quietly broke one of white’s longest running restrictions: the +2/+2 ceiling.