In 1879, American Cartoonist Thomas Nast revealed to the world the hidden location of Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole. Early documentary footage from the workshop released by Walt Disney in 1932 showed that the toy factory was staffed mainly by small people known as “elves,” and subsequent footage from Rankin/Bass productions confirmed our worst suspicions: a culture of bullying nearly brought down the whole operation.

Recent disinformation campaigns by Big Christmas have led to an unclear picture of working conditions in 2020, but our sources in the Arctic Circle suspect that the Efficient Construction of so many billions of toys now requires Mechanized Production. Whereabouts of the elves cannot be confirmed.

Advent 4: Santa's Workshop

Creatures (7)
Cogwork Assembler
Mishra's Self-Replicator
Workshop Assistant
Workshop Elders

Artifacts (1)
Arcum’s Astrolabe

Spells (4)
Efficient Construction
Mechanized Production
Summoning Station
Worn Powerstone
Lands (8)
Mishra's Factory
Snow-Covered Island
Urza's Factory

This pack focuses on the natural synergies between Assembly-Workers, setting us up to finish off the competition with Mechanized Production or by swooping in with an army of flying assemblers courtesy of the Workshop Elders.  Combined with the robotic Toymaker, even the Summoning Station can cease production long enough to stomp over in a key moment.

Workshop Elders by Ian McCaig

Jacob Torbeck is a researcher and instructor of theology and ethics. He hails from Chicago, IL, and loves playing Commander and pre-modern cubes.

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