Jundredge, Week One and Never Again

This week Shawn makes Paperboy references, talks about a play he wrote, and runs his own brew through a Standard tournament.

How to Lose at Magic

Even though GP Toronto was long, lonely, and reeked of weed, Zach also considers it the best tournament experience he’s ever had. Why?

Oloro’s Lifegain Is a Pain

Jess talks Oloro, Ageless Ascetic, including her current decklist. Also, there’s a long digression on that “Ten Commandments of Commander” idiocy. Guess what she thinks of it!

Villains in Magic

Alex Bertoncini was banned for 18 months by the DCI for cheating. His story was major news in the community. Once the poster-boy for the SCG Open circuit, he was found to have cheated multiple times on camera. Now he’s back, having finished 2nd in the Legacy Open in Providence last weekend and 63rd in the GP in Toronto this weekend. What makes him, or anyone, a great villain?

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

I See a Darkness

The Obliterator continues his Shardless BUG love affair and single handedly reinvigorates his own interest in Modern: The Gathering. What a humanitarian!

My 0-3 Drop Face

This is what I look like when I 0-3 drop from the last sealed PTQ of the season.

Black Magic Friday

Tony drafts a solid UB deck but has trouble getting results.

Ten Things for Eternal Players to be Thankful for

What does Thanksgiving mean to the Eternal player?

Theros Limited at Forty

Brendan considers the mature Theros limited format and goes Metta World Peace with various Hipstery jokes.

Rakdos Aggro, Week Two and the Magic Guild

This week, Shawn writes about his old LGS and the unsettling actions of its owner. He also runs Rakdos Aggro through another Standard tournament with mixed results.

Expanding Horizons

Zach has been taking a break from Limited lately and playing with 60 (or sometimes even zero) cards.