The Scrub Report—Reports From the North Part 1

This week we join a new Scrub Reporter, Tyson Leonard, as he details getting into magic as a way to make friends in the cold, harsh northern lands of Canada.

It’s Easy Being Green

After a week in Europe, Hunter came back to the States itching to play some Dragons of Tarkir. Find out how he did with two green-based MTGO prerelease draft decks.

Dashing for Fun and Profit

Brendan breaks down the dashing Kolaghan draft deck.

A Planeswalker’s Guide to Earth—The Abzan Houses

Hipsters’ new historian, Curtis Wiemann, continues his look at the earthly origins of Tarkir and the Abzan Houses

Card Kingdom

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1995 Conference of Professionals Tounament Report

My 1995 Conference of Professionals tournament report.

The Kolaghan’s Command Deck

Shawn tries to recreate a sweet list he saw last weekend at Modern States featuring Dragons of Tarkir’s Kolaghan’s Command.

What’s Team Draft League Like?

As the sixth season of Team Draft League approaches, Zach reflects on where it came from, on anxiety and excitement, and on how one’s self-perception can misalign with how one is perceived. Enjoy!

Papa Longo’s Story Time—PPTQ’ing Somewhere in Long Island

Papa Longo tells you about his PPTQ experience in lovely Somewhere, NY.

The Battle for Zendikar

This week we make some wild speculation about the upcoming storyline for Magic the Gathering, but if we’re wrong you’re going to be very unhappy.

March Madness 2015—Championship

Chandra Nalaar vs. Liliana Vess in the March Madness 2015 Championship. Who will win?

Papa Longo’s Story Time—Season’s End

It’s the end of the Fate Reforged Draft Season and Papa Longo is on another Monkey Honeymoon.