Details of The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth Holiday Release, Revealed

The holiday release will feature cards with the classic art of Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, poster and scroll frames, and four new scene boxes!

MTG Arena Announcements: Long Live Magic

Standard is by far the most popular format on Arena, making up more than 35% of all matches, followed by Historic at 25%.

This Weekend: New York Commander Sealed Convention to Support The Trevor Project and Trans Lifeline

Gunnar Wuher is hosting the third Commander Sealed Convention from September 15-17 in Rochester, NY. The event will be live streamed.

Christopher Rush Black Lotus Alter Hits Auction Block at LotusCon 2023

A similar alter sold for $10,625 at Heritage Auction earlier this year in March 2023. 

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Wilds of Eldraine Jumpstart and Commander Previews

New Jumpstart cards—but no Jumpstart packs—plus a Food Commander and the Throne of Eldraine gets its own card!

What are Beyond Boosters? Plus, More Details on Recent (Un)Bannings

“Beyond Boosters” will debut with the Assassin’s Creed set, Pioneer and Modern look healthy, and still no word on the Magic Netflix show.

Gen Con, Pioneer, and Plenty of Events Coming to Arena News

Khans of Tarkir, Pioneer Masters, Modern Horizons 3, and more!

Magic Revenue Down 15% in Q2, Tales of Middle-earth is Magic’s Second Best Selling Set

Revenue was down due to a shifting release schedule that saw one fewer release in the quarter, while Tales of Middle-earth will soon be Magic’s best selling set.

Jake Beardsley Wins Pro Tour The Lord of the Rings

Beardsley won the event with Rakdos Evoke. It was both his first Pro Tour and his birthday weekend.

Everything You Need To Know About Wilds of Eldraine: Previews, Mechanics, Plot, and More!

Wilds of Eldraine previews began at MagicCon Barcelona. Check out some of Magic’s newest cards!

More Doctor Who Previews at MagicCon Barcelona—Doctors, Villains, and River Song!

Check out more Doctor Who cards, from The Fourth Doctor, to The Thirteenth Doctor, some villains…and even River Song!