Wizards of the Coast continued to preview cards from the upcoming Magic: The Gathering — Doctor Who today at MagicCon Barcelona. The product—which will feature four Commander decks, Collector Boosters, and a Secret Lair drop—was previously revealed at MagicCon Minneapolis in May and then we saw the very first card previews last week at San Diego Comic-Con.

Today’s panel at MagicCon Barcelona previewed a ton of additional cards—let’s take a look!

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Magic: The Gathering — Doctor Who Previews

The first Commander deck, “Blast from the Past,” is a Blue/White/Green deck that will contain the first eight Doctors and their companions. The face card of the deck will be The Fourth Doctor, who will be accompanied by his companion Sarah Jane Smith.

The Fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith reveal that the “Blast from the Past” theme will focus on Historic spells—Historic spells like City of Death, a saga representing a a classic episode featuring The Fourth Doctor.

The next deck, “Timey-Whimey,” is a White/Red/Blue deck that will also contain Doctors nine and 11, plus their companions.

We had already met The Tenth Doctor at San Diego Comic-Con. We also got to see the art for his companion, Rose Tyler, but not her full card—that changed today!

As the name “Timey-Whimey” implies, the deck will feature a lot of time counters—suspend, vanishing, and more!

One of the new cards that will take advantage of time counters is The Face of Boe, which will allow you to cast cards with Suspend from your hand…for their Suspend cost!

The Doctor Who cards also continue Magic’s evolution on White card draw. Check out Four Knocks!

The deck will also contain The Eleventh Hour, a Saga based on the classic episode featuring The Eleventh Doctor.

The third deck, “Paradox Power,” is a Red/Blue/Green deck that will contain Doctors 12 and 13, as well as their companions. Consistent with the deck’s name, the new mechanic will be Paradox, as seen on The Thirteenth Doctor and her companion Yasmin Kahn.

Paradox states: “Whenever you cast a spell from anywhere other than your hand” then you will get an effect. The deck will contain many ways to cast spells from places other than your hand, like Escape, Cascade, Flashback, and more—like Foretell.

The Foretold Solider will be one of those Foretell cards, allowing you to cast it from exile and trigger Paradox repeatedly.

The fourth and final deck is “Masters of Evil,” a Red/Black/Blue deck that will feature the villains of the Doctor Who universe, including Davros and the Daleks. Its mechanic is called “Villainous Choice” and will allow you to choose between two effect that will be bad for your opponents.

Fittingly, Davros, Delk Creator creates Daleks and gives your opponents a choice—one might say a villainous choice—either they discard a card or you draw a card.

But there are plenty of other villains from the Doctor Who universe! Check out Missy, who is the face card of the villains deck:

And The Valeyard!

The Doctors aren’t the only characters that get Sagas, though. The villains do, too—like Death in Heaven!

River Song

Don’t you worry—River Song is getting her own card, too!

Serialized Doctor Who Cards

It wouldn’t be a modern-day Magic set without some serialized cards that can only be found in Collector Boosters. Each doctor will receive just over 500 serialized cards—500 plus the number of the doctor, so 504 for The Fourth Doctor, 510 for The Tenth Doctor, 513 for The Thirteenth Doctor, etc.


Magic: The Gathering — Doctor Who will have its official debut on October 3, followed by its full release on October 13.

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