Modern Institute of Technology

The Wolfpack at GP DC

Shawn recounts his travels and tournament experience at GP DC teaming with the Wolfpack.

Spells like Teen Spirit

Shawn writes about skipping GP Detroit for the Wolfpack Invitational

Modern Sucks So I Played Standard This Weekend

Shawn takes a break from Modern and plays a Standard PPTQ.

Regionals Wrap Up

Shawn created a spreadsheet to breakdown the results from Star City Games Modern Regionals.

Card Kingdom

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A Broken Oath

Shawn discusses the Pro Tour metagame after Oath of the Gatewatch and what it means for Modern moving forward.

Week Two Post Bannings

Shawn discusses Modern two weeks after the bannings shake-up.

Week One Post Bannings

Shawn looks at the results from the Modern Classic in Atlanta along with some MTGO data to discuss the first week of Modern after the bannings.

Redefining Modern Post Bans

With the Summer Bloom and Splinter Twin bans, Shawn looks toward the future of the Modern metagame.

Two Weeks of SCG Opens

Shawn discusses the Modern metagame using data from the last two SCG opens.

Developing the Core of Ad Nauseam

Shawn discusses Ad Nauseam Combo in Modern and discusses a common core between lists.

The Imaginary Magic Hygiene Problem Revisited

Shawn revisits his controversial article on hygiene in the Magic community.