Goblin Lore

Who Put Their Science in Our in Fiction?

The goblins explore what science fiction may look like in the Magic: the Gathering multiverse.

An Interview with DeQuan Watson, Part 2

The Goblins continue their discussion with DeQuan Watson, co-host of the Color of Magic podcast.

An Interview with DeQuan Watson, Part 1

The goblins welcome DeQuan Watson, co-host of the Color of Magic podcast.

Come Drink to the Guilds

The Gobbos are back with a Patreon-inspired Goblin Games!

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Slobad, Glissa, and the Nature of Stigma

The goblins to tackle the heavy topic of stigma.

We’re All in Recovery

Hobbes discusses mental health recovery and asking for help.

Would a Quarantine Stop the Phyrexians?

The goblins revisit the topic of social anxiety in the context of social isolation.

What Did You Just Ask Us?

This week we answer your questions.

Angrath and the MTG Dad

Hobbes discusses what being an MTG Dad means to him and how his relationship with the game has changed.

Davriel’s Entity Distorts the Cognitions

Alex and Hobbes discuss cognitive distortions/common mistakes in thinking

It’s the Color Pie! Now With More Actual Pie!

Alex and Hobbes return to the Color Pie of Sauces and look at recipes and cooking styles.