When I began playing Magic choosing a deck was pretty easy. I had several friends that played and I was the one that played with the Blue cards. It was that simple, we all had a limited card pool so whatever blue cards were in the group that’s what I played. Eventually, this changed we acquired more cards and got jobs and could afford to play with what cards/colors we liked. I was hooked on some 70 cards Mystic Decree/ Island Sanctuary/ Storm Caldron/Stasis deck. In time my deck became G/R Land destruction. Stormbind and Thermokarst became my powerhouses. Once I started playing seriously on a local level the deck was Blue “Sligh” deck. Basically, just cheap blue creatures and some counter magic (I’m convinced I discovered Tempo) then Replenish.


For the first time when I played Replenish I felt like I had the best deck in the room. Everyone was gunning for me and I was able to beat them. It got to a point where I was only worried about players in my store (the ones skilled enough to beat me) and not match-ups. The deck just felt powerful in a way many players and decks weren’t able to deal with. I had a lot of X-0s under my belt. That time is gone, though.


When I came back to the game, I wasn’t sure I’d be sticking around so I put my feet gingerly into the water, and bought into something cheap. Zombies was fine but it wasn’t the format powerhouse replenish was or that Delver had become. I got in too late for Delver in Standard.

Let’s skip the history lesson and get to the present. I’m now fully immersed in Magic as a thing to do. I don’t mind spending a few dollars on cards, I want to have the best deck. My time is important so I want to play the deck that has the best chance (taking into consideration my play style and the Metagame) to win when I pay $40 at an Open or a Grand Prix. In Legacy I feel like I’ve found a deck I’m as comfortable now as I was in 2000 with Replenish. RUG Delver is that deck in Legacy. I understand it and how it interacts with other decks. I understand the Metagame and I like how my sideboard in set up to deal with it. In Legacy, I am 20 year old Zac Clark once more. I feel connected to my deck in such a way that I can out play better decks and I have a fair match up against most of the format. I only fear the player not the deck they wield.


In Modern, that’s a whole different story. I haven’t played a single deck that I trust for more than a month. Gifts was close, but due to my opponents tanking and going to time against slower players I wasn’t ever super comfortable with the deck, for time reasons. Storm has its bad draws and there’s so much hate (not to mention new hate that continues to get printed) that I’m never super comfortable with that deck. UWR was fine but in the end it was really boring and prone to going to time in a mirror. Pod seems like a good choice, but I’m not comfortable with a deck in a format that should be eternal that likely has its months numbered (you can argue your points on whether or not it will get banned, but the fact that you have an argument is enough to keep me off the deck). I was burned with Eggs and I’d rather not eat another $200 or so when Wizards decides they want to see new decks for a Pro Tour. Red Black Burn is fine but it doesn’t feel like the best deck, it feels like a concession to not having any good ideas. Right now though it’s what I’m most comfortable with. I’d like to try out Affinity, as it’s one of the few decks I haven’t tried and I feel like it’s got a few really great cards that just destroy certain decks. Even with that, the hate for that deck makes it a very scary choice in the wrong field. Maybe that’s just how Modern feels.

What choices make you decide on a deck? Barring cost what do you think the best deck in Modern is? Am I alone in thinking that the format is maybe so balanced that there aren’t any best decks? I’ve been playing Modern for a year and a half it’s not like I just heard about it yesterday. Weigh in with you thoughts. I’m interested to see what people are playing come PTQ Season.

Zac Clark @DurdleMagus

Modern season in coming up. I plan on making the very most of this PTQ Season.

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