Commander Academy

How Humans Could Grow in Commander

Travis knows what humans want.

Human Tribal: What Holds Back the Ruthless Regiment?

Travis checks in on Humans as a tribe in EDH.

Commander Primer: Azorius

Can filibuster counters grant abilities?

The Trouble With Cyclonic Rift in Commander

What makes it such a ubiquitous card? Should it be banned?

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What to Do About Having Too Many Decks

Try this before tearing down your least-played Commander deck.

Introduction to Canadian Highlander

Play the format of powerful singleton duels!

Commander Primer: Selesnya

Get up to speed on what white and green bring to the table in Commander.

Commander Primer: Rakdos

Rakdos stares into the Void and sees value. Learn to unleash your bloodthirst at the Commander tables.

Commander Primer: Izzet

There’s more to Izzet that drawing cards.

Commander Primer: Golgari

Playing Golgari in Commander? What’s that about?

Fixing Pauper’s Mana Problem

With Arcum’s Astrolabe banished from Pauper, can we imagine a better world for common dual lands?