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Eternal Durdles

Episode 40—Where do we go from Vegas?

Nate and Zac go over options in the meta and what to expect at GPVegas and after.

Eternal Durdles

Episode 39—Miracles Reborn

Zac talks about his lat Legacy GPT, Nate reveals a new (old) kid on the block.

Eternal Durdles

Episode 38—Leaning into Tilt

Nate talks about how to recover from a punt, Zac laments the frequency of Fatal Push online.

Eternal Durdles

Episode 37—Keep the Hope Alive

This week Zac and Nate cover SCG’s change toward Modern away from Standard and how that could impact TO’s choices for Legacy Events. They recap their week in Magic and talk about doing coverage on the Legacy Premier League.

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Eternal Durdles

Episode 36—PostNuclear Breakdown!

Nate and Zac talk about impressions after a week in a world without miracles.

Eternal Durdles

Episode 35—Format Nuked!

Nate and Zac are pretty exicted about this new format everyone is still calling Legacy!

Eternal Durdles

Episode 34—Amonkhet Spoilers round 2 & BnR Predictions

Nathan and Zac’s final thoughts on Amonkhet and some guesses at the BnR announcement for Monday.

Eternal Durdles

Amonkhet Spoilers & More Nerco Tech

Zac can’t accept that Necro is still banned in Legacy. Nate breaks dow Amonkhet

Eternal Durdles

Episode 32—Invocations & What to Ban in Legacy

Nathan and Zac are confused by kartooshes. Also they can’t wait until Necropotence comes back to Legacy!

Eternal Durdles

Episode 31—Reflecting on EE6

You can pushproof rug, will the meta care?

Eternal Durdles

Episode 30—GPNJ Side Event Victories

Zac and Nate cover GPNJ as well as the lack of a ban in Legacy/Modern/Standard.