Zac Clark

Founder and Podcast Host


Eternal Durdles

Contra BAN!

Nate and Zac talk fallout over the B&R list.

Eternal Durdles

Final Hours Before GP Louisville

Zac Clark Nate take a quick look at Spoilers from Aether Revolt and Nate talks about tomorrows plan for Grinders.

Eternal Durdles

Legacy Meta calls & Frontierrible

Zac and Nate make tweaks for the meta, then talk about the trending Frontier format.

Eternal Durdles

Choosing a Deck for GP Lousiville

Zac gets back to RUG and Nathan thinks thats a good thing.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Eternal Durdles

Vintage Fun and Legacy Finance Slumps

Nate and Zac talk about Zac’s showing at the Comic Book Depot Charity Vintage Event, then talk MTG Finance and the current goings on in the Legacy finance market.

Eternal Durdles

SCG Baltimore

Nathan and Zac talk about SCG Baltimore.

Eternal Durdles

Big News for Legacy Fans

Zac and Nathan talk EW and then get some big news from Michael Caffery of Tales of Adventure!

Eternal Durdles

Euro Eternal Results Commander 2016 Spoils

Zac and Nathan talk up the recent top 8s, commander and some shady dealings at the latest SCG Classic

Eternal Durdles

EE Follow Up/Standard Rant

Nate and Zac look at the top 8 from Eternal Extravaganza 5 and look to future legacy tourneys, then respond to the new about Standard Rotation.

Eternal Durdles

All the Young Brews

Zac and Nate talk Brews.

Eternal Durdles

An Ode to Herbert West

Zac and Nat Talk about bringing monsters back to life.