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Eternal Durdles

Episode 32—Invocations & What to Ban in Legacy

Nathan and Zac are confused by kartooshes. Also they can’t wait until Necropotence comes back to Legacy!

Eternal Durdles

Episode 31—Reflecting on EE6

You can pushproof rug, will the meta care?

Eternal Durdles

Episode 30—GPNJ Side Event Victories

Zac and Nate cover GPNJ as well as the lack of a ban in Legacy/Modern/Standard.

Eternal Durdles

Pushproof RUG and MMA Thoughts

Zac and Nathan get serious about MMA2017 and talk about when it’s OK to not play Delvers.

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Eternal Durdles

Episode 28—The Bearded Dragon 2.5K

Zac and Nate talk about the EE satellite event at Bearded Dragon, in New Jersey, which included Zac’s first feature match. Then they talk about the first day of Modern Masters spoilers.

Eternal Durdles

Legacy on the Cheap

Zac and Nate go over some great Budget options for Legacy covering 5 decks under $500.

Eternal Durdles

Renegade RuG

Nate and Zac explore a new choice for RuG Delver players and looks and a new deck that placed 4th at Knight Ware.

Eternal Durdles

No News Would Have Been Better

What is WotC thinking in their latest announcement, Zac and Nate have no idea.

Eternal Durdles

Once Bitten, ‘Trice Shy

Nate and Zac talk about jamming games on the Cockatrice Client as a way to get in some practice inbetween weeklies.

Eternal Durdles

True World Order

Nate and Zac discuss the new Legacy metagame following the release of Aether Revolt.

Eternal Durdles

Online Dating

Nate and Zac talk about Fatal Push’s impact on the Legacy metagame and Worth’s departure from MTGO.