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Can Magic be a Spectator Sport

League of Legends and Hearthstone have become major spectator sports. Can Magic follow suit?

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Just Play Drakonid Operative

Forget everything Anthony told you about playing Midrange Shaman last week

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Just Play Midrange Shaman

Anthony explores the ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’ approach to Midrange Shaman

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Staying On Track

If you struggle to stay focused when preparing for a tournament then Anthony has some advice for you

Card Kingdom

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A Second Look at Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Anthony looks at the latest spoilers from Gadgetzan and analyzes their impact on standard.

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A First Look at Mean Streets of Gadgetzan

Blizzcon is in the books but there’s a new expansion on the way! Anthony takes his first look at Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

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What Makes a Good Tournament Deck

Anthony takes a look at how to prepare for a Hearthstone tournament by picking the right decks to bring along.

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What Makes a Good Ladder Deck

Anthony takes a look at what makes a good Hearthstone ladder deck and what you should consider when selecting your weapon of choice

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Top Legendaries for Beginners

Anthony tells you how to craft Hearthstone legendaries.

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Under the Radar, Over the Line

Anthony looks at a few cards he thinks have a real opportunity to shine in the new Standard Hearthstone season

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The Day Yogg Died

Anthony breaks down the latest Hearthstone nerfs.