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Modern Institute of Technology

Previewing the Modern Bannings

This week we check-in with our spies at Wizards of the Coast who may have secured a secret document previewing the SOI Modern bannings.

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Rich walks through the history of angels in Magic.

52 in 52

And Peace Shall Sleep

This week we learn all about the decline of the Sarpadian Empires in the novel “And Peace Shall Sleep” by Sonia Orin Lyris

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Team Family Grand Prix DC

Rich took a break from observing the Magic world to compete at Grand Prix DC, teaming with his brother for his young nephew’s grand prix debut.

Card Kingdom

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Song of Time

This week we read Teri McLaren’s second full-length Magic novel: Song of Time, featuring an Argivian Archaeologist’s search for a hidden Armageddon Clock and the truth of his mysterious past!

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Markov Manor

This week we take a look at the marketing campaign Wizards kicked off for Shadows of Innistrad, and how it would have been ruined by unofficial spoilers.

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Ashes of the Sun

This week we review Ashes of the Sun, the seventh of the original Magic the Gathering Novels, written by Hanovi Braddock, and featuring Minotaurs, Goblins, and a human caught in the middle

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Leap Year

This week, in honor of leap day, we take a look back at the past four years and how Magic has changed dramatically since February 29th 2012.

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The Prodigal Sorcerer

This week we review The Prodigal Sorcerer, the sixth of the original Magic the Gathering Novels, written by Mark Sumner, and featuring the lore of everyone’s favorite blue wizard.

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My Cats’ Opinions on MTG Finance

This week we check in with my household’s most qualified experts on MTG Finance: my cats.

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The Cursed Land

This week we review The Cursed Land, the fifth of the original Magic the Gathering Novels, written by Teri McLaren