Earlier today on November 16, 2022, just off the heels of the Foglio Portfoglio 2, Josh Krause of Original Magic Art and artist Victor Adame Minguez launched a brand new Kickstarter featuring playmats from the artist’s catalog of nearly 150 Magic: The Gathering illustrations.

Ajani, Sleeper Agent playmat

This Kickstarter features playmats only (as opposed to the often added print option), and began with five different artworks for collectors and players to choose from some of this most recent and fan-favorite artworks: Ajani, Sleeper Agent, Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice, Knight Exemplar, Knight of the White Orchid, and Rith, Liberated Primeval.


Atraxa, Praetor’s Voice playmat

Both Rith, Awakened Primeval and Ajani, Sleeper Agent debuted in Dominaria United, and the pair of Knights were a part of Victor’s own Secret Lair Artist Series. Atraxa needs no introduction, being one of the most popular and powerful Commanders in the game today.

Knight Exemplar playmat

Each extended-art playmat will come signed by the artist and has the high-quality and widely popular stitched edge. As with most of the OMA Kickstarters, these mats will never be reprinted outside of the demand for this campaign, and stretch goals provide the opportunity to unlock new artworks.

Knight of the White Orchid playmat

Minguez was just recently featured as a Sponsored Artist at Magic30 in Las Vegas, and has created some of the most breathtaking images among all sets in the last few years. Don’t miss this opportunity to grab a playmat from one of Magic’s most prolific artists, and become a backer today!

Rith, Liberated Primeval playmat

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