On today’s Minute: Magic released the second episode of the Magic story today, plus more MTG Arena news, and some art from the upcoming Unstable set.

Wizards released the second installment of the Ixalan story today. The story is the first featuring Huatli, Warrior Poet and tells the tale of how she earned her title. This is the second of seven chapters that will make up the story of Ixalan.

Wizards of the Coast Senior Game Designer Ryan Spain appeared on popular Magic podcast Limited Resources yesterday to talk about Magic the Gathering Arena. Among the topics discussed was the sustainability of Magic Online alongside MTG Arena. He seemed to imply that, even though the new game will only support Standard at first, they will look to support older formats if the fans push them in that direction.

Lastly, Ultra Pro released a few images of new sleeves to go along with upcoming release of Unstable. The three images show Urza’s head on top of some contraption, a goblin drinking from what appears to be the urn from Cryptic Command, as well as a Squirrel Wizard.


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