On today’s Minute: Blake Rasmussen and Allison Luhrs released the Magic Story Podcast that sets up the story of Ixalan. The Magic Story returns next Wednesday with the official start of the story of Ixalan!

This morning, Wizards finally released the Magic Story Podcast that introduces the story of Ixalan.

It turns out that Ixalan is just one continent on a larger plane. It has a massive jungle that houses three groups: the Naya-aligned Sun Empire, the Simic-aligned River Heralds, and Grixis-aligned Brazen Coalition. The Sun Empire is an ancient tribe of humans that use Dinosaurs as their steeds, while the River Heralds are merfolk that occupy the deep reaches of the jungle. The Brazen Coalition, on the other hand, are a band of pirates that fled from another continent only to end up on Ixalan.

The final group on Ixalan are the Orzhov-aligned vampires of the Legion of Dusk. They have taken over the continent that the Brazen Coalition fled and have come to reclaim the Immortal Sun, a relic that was stolen from their home and hidden on Ixalan.

The arrival of the Legion of Dusk sets of a race between the themselves, the Brazen Coalition, and the Sun Empire to find Orazca, the lost city that is said to be the hiding place of the Immortal Sun, while the River Heralds try to prevent anyone from finding it.


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You can listen to today’s Ixalan Magic Story Podcast here.

You can find a transcript of the Ixalan Story podcast here.

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