9/7/17 Update: Wizards demoed an Alpha version of Magic: the Gathering Arena today. You can read about it here.

On today’s Minute: The long-awaited announcement of MTG Arena is finally here! Plus, someone spoiled the full map of Ixalan early.

Today’s the day, Magic fans! Wizards will finally reveal Magic: the Gathering Arena today on Twitch at 4pm Eastern. MTG Arena is the first product from the long-awaited Magic Digital Next initiative and speculation is rampant about what kind of game it will be. Recent rumors suggest it could be a MOBA, like League of Legends, though the fact that Wizards discontinued Magic Duels and then announced MTG Arena would seem to indicate it will be a Hearthstone-like Duels replacement. Make sure to watch the reveal stream today at 4pm eastern on twitch.tv/magic and find out what it really is!

In other news, the full map of Ixalan was spoiled last night. This is the first official map of one of Magic’s planes since Kamigawa in 2004 and Wizards had planned to reveal it piece by piece during the Ixalan preview season. But a reddit user noticed that Wizards had named the image file of the first map piece “1-1” and extrapolated that the next image would be named “1-2.” This ingenious redditor found 20 such images and stitched them all together, revealing the full map of Ixalan.


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Watch the MTG Arena reveal stream here at 4pm Eastern.

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