On today’s Minute: You can now buy prints of John Avon’s Unstable lands from his website, johnavonart.com. Plus, Ixalan gets fully revealed tomorrow!

Today marks the final day of Ixalan previews. Tomorrow, Wizards of the Coast will reveal the entire set with pre-releases taking place next weekend, followed by the official set release Friday September 29th.

Art from the upcoming Unstable set continues to be the talk of the community. John Avon has released high resolution images of all five full-art basic lands that were unveiled during Mark Rosewater’s Blogatog panel at HasCon last weekend. If you love them as much as I do, prints for all five pieces went on sale on Avon’s website this morning, johnavonart.com. If you’re attending English Nationals this weekend you can even save on shipping by purchasing one of a limited number of prints directly from the artist, who will be making a rare public appearance.


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