You read that right—Unstable, Magic and Mark Rosewater’s third Un-Set, will have full-art, border-less lands in every pack! The art is by John Avon and is absolutely stunning.

Borderless Lands Are Tournament Legal

Don’t worry if you missed this change—I did!—but one of the requirements for a card to be tournament-legal used to be that it must have a black (or white) border—so borderless (or alternative border) cards were therefore not legal for tournament play.

But Wizards changed that rule when they released Amonkhet with its borderless Invocations.

The rule now states that cards must have not have a silver border to be tournament legal.

They Will Be In (Almost) Every Pack

Many players noticed that these borderless lands have the foil stamp that all rares and mythic rares have had since the M15 frame was introduced. This led players to worry that the borderless lands wouldn’t appear in every pack like previous full-art lands have. Mark Rosewater addressed these concerns on his Tumblr, writing that the full-art, borderless lands aren’t rares and will be in (almost) every Unstable pack.

So, why do these borderless lands have the foil stamps, then? Well, with Steamflogger Boss (a black-border rare) being printed in Unstable (a silver-border set), it needed to be printed on the same sheet as the full-art, borderless lands. And since the Boss is a rare and requires the foil stamp, all the cards on the sheet go the foil stamp as well, meaning that every full-art, borderless land will have a foil stamp in Unstable.

Here are the larger, individual images of each full-art, borderless land.

Unstable Borderless Plains

Unstable Borderless Island

Unstable Borderless Swamp

Unstable Borderless Mountain

Unstable Borderless Forest

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