On today’s Minute: Cardboard Crack has finally made its hiatus official, plus the Hascon promos are finally for sale and how Vraska got to Ixalan!

Popular Magic web-comic Cardboard Crack has formally announced their indefinite hiatus. The comic had not been updated since mid-June leading to speculation that the series had ended, and last night Cardboard Crack published a post on their website citing pressures from work and family leaving no time for creating new comics.

You can now purchase the HasCon exclusive promo boxed set from hasbrotoyshop.com, Hasbro’s online store. This $30 set includes the three silver-bordered Hasbro crossover promo cards, Grimlock, Nerf War, and Sword of Dungeons & Dragons, which were first available at Hasbro’s inaugural convention a few weeks ago.

The latest chapter in the story of Ixalan was released today. It explains how and why Vraska ended up on Ixalan before picking up where we left off two weeks ago—with her discovering the memory-less Jace Beleren stranded on Ixalan with no clue of who he is or how he got there.


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Read Cardboard Crack’s announcement here.

You can read the latest chapter of Ixalan’s story here.

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