Magic Spellslingers is Wizard of the Coast’s latest foray into the mobile gaming field. With it comes plenty of mechanics and cards that Magic: The Gathering players should recognize. Where traditionally players would have to open packs to try and find their chase rares or wait to randomly get the right wildcard in Magic: The Gathering Arena, Spellslingers allows players to directly craft the cards they need with resources they earn in the game.

Just like paper Magic, creatures in Spellslingers are the bread and butter of (most) decks players will build. Players looking to use their resources wisely will want to focus on the best creatures available in the game. Let’s take a look at some of the best creatures players can craft or acquire in Magic Spellslingers.

10. Ghitu Embermage

This little creature pulls a lot of weight in for its cheap cost and early-game stats. While not amazing, a 2/4 on turn three is generally enough to soak up a little bit of early damage and very like to take out a creature or two in blocks. What sets Ghitu Embermage apart from other creatures is its ability to consistently ping away 1 damage at a time for every spell its controller casts. Combine Ghitu Embermage with a planeswalker like Ral who is constantly casting spells and players can quickly start racking up damage.

9. Liliana’s Goliath

Despite seeing a bit of a nerf in the most recent balance patch, Liliana’s Goliath remains an incredibly strong choice for new players looking to quickly climb ranks. Thanks to its unique ability, every time the Goliath returns to the battlefield it doubles its attack power. Combined with Liliana’s passive planeswalker ability to give creatures +1/+1 when they enter the battlefield from the graveyard and the Goliath’s Relentless ability, it can quickly dominate the battlefield. With a good number of ways to recur creatures in Spellslingers Liliana’s Goliath is one of the harder cards to answer in the game.

8. Centaur Sage

Anytime a player is rewarded for playing more creatures it is going to be a good time and Centaur Sage does just that. Whenever Centaur Sage’s owner summons a creature from their hand, they get to draw a card. Centaur Sage allows players to chain cheap creatures into more cards, easily refilling their hand and turning every creature into a cantrip. Combine Centaur Sage with Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind and now each card drawn is pinging the enemy player for one damage.

7. Darigaaz

Ten mana is a hefty price for a creature but Darigaaz is worth it thanks to all of its unique ‘breathes fire’ ability. At the end of Darigaaz’s controller’s turn, he deals 3 damage to your opponent and each enemy creature without flying. Darigaaz can easily finish off damaged creatures or help make a larger enemy creature a little more manageable for blockers. Darigaaz also boasts some formidable stats at a 10/7 with flying, giving him the damage to quickly close out a game in a turn or two if not immediately answered.

6. Daughter of Runes

This might be controversial but Daughter of Runes is one of the best early-game creatures players can cast in Magic Spellslingers. With her Debut ability, Daughter of Runes grants the next creature its controller draws Armor. Armor is a new ability that acts as a pseudo-Shield counter like what debuted in Streets of New Capenna. Creatures with Armor can still be destroyed with spells but they stop the first instance of damage that would be done to them. This temporary Indestructibility is great on just about every creature, allowing players to freely attack into any enemy creature or to block an incoming attack for free.

5. Breaching Serpent

At 13 mana players might initially pass Breaching Serpent off as a junk rare clogging up packs, but looks can be deceiving for this 6/6 serpent. Each spell and trap card that its controller plays reduces Breaching Serpent’s cost by 1, easily turning this 13 mana creature into a mid to early late-game finisher. Breaching Serpent even comes with the Sneak keyword, making it unblockable the first time it attacks.

4. Tarmogoyf

Even in Magic Spellslingers, the power of the Tarmogoyf is hard to deny. At two mana, Tarmogoyf starts much like its paper counterpart, as a 0/1. Spellslinger’s Tarmogoyf grows much faster though, gaining +2/+2 for each card type in its controller’s graveyard. The Tarmogoyf caps out at an 8/9, and for two mana it is an extremely efficient creature for its cost. While Tarmogoyf doesn’t have any fancy keywords or other abilities, it can easily dominate most creatures in the game at full strength.

3. Primeval Titan

Magic Spellslingers has the complete Titan package, but even in the mobile game good ol’ Primeval Titan reigns supreme. Ramp decks can quickly accelerate to seven mana to cast Primeval Titan, an 8/8 creature that creates an empty mana gem when it enters the battlefield and when it attacks, helping players cast their even larger spells faster. Primeval Titan slots into most green-based strategies, especially Kiora who gains a random Leviathan spell at 10, 15, and 20 mana.

2. Karazikar, the Eye Tyrant

Like most creatures on this list, Karazikar, the Eye Tyrant demands an answer from an opponent else it spirals quickly out of control. What makes Karazikar so powerful is that it can dodge just about all removal spells thanks to its Ward ability, effectively giving it Hexproof until its controller’s next turn, ensuring at least one chance to fire off one of its various Rays.

Karazikar has four Rays to choose from, each one can dramatically change the direction of the game. Telekinetic Ray adds a random red or blue card to the controller’s hand and deals 3 damage to the opponent, Paralyzing Ray returns the strongest enemy creature to its owner’s hand, Charm Ray reduces the cost of a card in the controller’s hand by 2 and increases a random card in an opponent’s hand by 2, and finally, Enveration Ray steals 1 power from each enemy creature in play and adds it to Karazikar’s.

1. The Tarrasque

The Tarrasque is a terrifying creature to face down on the battlefield. While an 8/2 without Trample might not seem great at first, The Tarrasque has a very unique ability to always have Relentless active. No other creature has an ability quite like this, making The Tarrasque an unparalleled attacker constantly looming on the battlefield. The Tarrasque isn’t done there either: every time it dies its Finale ability triggers, giving it a permanent +1/+0, quickly outclassing any creature in Magic Spellslingers.

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