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Tales of Middle-earth Bundles Coming to MTG Arena

Get the low down on all the swag coming to MTG Arena alongside The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-earth!


Pride Playmat Kickstarter Launched by Original Magic Art

Original Magic Art is offering extended art, stitched-edge playmats from last year’s Pride Across the Multiverse Secret Lair drop.


Welcome to The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth, Magic’s Take on the Tolkien Classic

All of your favorite characters from The Lord of the Rings are now on Magic cards!


Hit Point Press Launches Frameamajigs Kickstarter

Frameamajigs are frames to display your collectable cards on the wall.

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Fable of the Mirror-Breaker, Reckoner Bankbuster, and Invoke Despair Banned in Standard

All three cards have been Standard staples since they were printed as a part of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty in February 2022.


MTG Arena Announcements: Steam-Powered Magic

MTG Arena arrives on Steam tomorrow, May 23!


Magic Will Move to Once-a-Year Banned and Restricted Updates, Plus Emergency Updates with Each New Set

Wizards will be moving to a one-yearly scheduled Banned and Restricted update, with mini-updates possible three weeks after each new set.


MTG Arena Announcements: Tournament Grinders Get Ready

The next Arena Open and Arena Championship 3 are just around the corner!


Major Changes Coming To Standard’s Banned And Restricted Schedule

As Standard move to a three-year rotation cycle, Wizards of the Coast will begin scheduling Banned and Restricted updates ahead of time.


Post-Crisis: Private Industry, Product Protection, Pinkerton and Wizards of the Coast

A detailed and factual summary of the events and allegations surrounding Wizards of the Coast’s re-acquisition of leaked product.

Breaking News

Magic’s Standard Format Will Move to a 3-Year Rotation Cycle in the Fall

Standard has used a two-year rotation cycle since its inception in 1995—though this isn’t the first time Wizards has tried to make a change.