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Drawing Live


Zach breaks apart his own mind to investigate a stream of losses. The results? Comical and crazy.

Brew Corner

Challenge Accepted

Aaron brews a sweet deck based on the mysterious Reddit Seance Modern challenge.

What We Learned

Why World Magic Cup?

We recap all the action from the final professional event of 2015: the World Magic Cup

None Shall Pass Bombs

None Shall Past Bombs—Top Ten Battles

Carrie announces her top ten Battle for Zendikar limited cards.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Trading Post

Life, Legacy and the Pursuit of a More Perfect Game

Colin takes a break from MTG Finance to talk about Legacy.

Bringing to Light

Pauper Mono White Tokens

This week Lexie starts out on MTGO and dives into Pauper with a nice little aggressive deck

Silence, Exile, and Cunning

The Case for Blood Moon

Whether Blood Moon should be legal is the subject of much debate in Modern. Derek makes a case for it to stick around.

None Shall Pass Bombs

None Shall Past Bombs—Painful Truths

Carrie learned some painful truths in a recent online sealed PTQ.

Brew Corner

BW Hatebears

Aaron is back with a new brew. This time he’s taking on the Modern metagame with his version of BW Hatebears.

What We Learned

Can Legacy be Revitalized?

There has been a recent increase in discussion on how Wizards can help revitalize Legacy and today we’ll take a look at the logistical challenges

Hope Eternal

No Reserved List or Lets Kill Legacy

Kate responds to Saffron Olive’s suggestion that banning the entire Reserved List is the way to revitalize Legacy