Trading Post

The Question of Ethics

Colin takes some time to respond to one of his readers on the topic of the ethics of MTG Finance and his personal trading philosophies

Everything for Trade

Colin explains why you should be willing to trade away cards you love or need.

Price (In)Equality

This week Colin focuses on understanding the underbelly of the Magic finance world by exploring Magic cards by their buylist price vs their trade/sell price.

Power in Trading

This article is going to focus on the basic concept of how “power” works in trading.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Trade Binder Systems

This week Colin takes a look at the different ways to organize your binder including how many binders to have and where to put your cards.

Sacrifice an Artifact: Draw a Card

In the final chapter of his introductory saga, Colin shares some of the valuable lessons he’s learned about trading.

Sacrifice a Creature and Raise Dead an Artifact

Colin continues his tale of how he learned the trading trade with the story of how he met The Ogre.

Life, Legacy and the Pursuit of a More Perfect Game

Colin takes a break from MTG Finance to talk about Legacy.

Pay One Life and Put a Goat Into Play

Colin returns to share how he learned to build his MTG Investment portfolio and shares his wisdom with the masses

Discard a Card and Gain Four Life

Colin talks about his roots as a Magic player, getting into speculation, and the evolution of MTG Finance.

Dawn at the Trading Post

Colin Bevis debuts his new column on Magic finance and trading with a bold statement: I will tell you everything.