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Ensnaring Cambridge

The Kolaghan’s Command Deck

Shawn tries to recreate a sweet list he saw last weekend at Modern States featuring Dragons of Tarkir’s Kolaghan’s Command.

A Planeswalker's Guide to Earth

A Planeswalker’s Guide to Earth—The Mardu

Hipsters new historian Curtis Wiemann continues his look at the earthly origins of Tarkir and the Mardu clan.

Scrub Report

The Scrub Report—Pre-Release Tips for Beginners

Guest Scrub Reporter Ashlee gives newcomers to the game a breakdown on how to approach a Pre-Release.

Power and Toughness

Four Khans of Tarkir Draft Decks

Matt drafted Khans of Tarkir for 13 hours straight! He’s posted all of his decks to your greedy little eyeballs!