Kadar, Forker, and I had a draft-a-thon that started Friday at 2pm and ended Saturday at 3am. 13 hours of Khans of Tarkir. Here are photos of the amazing people we drafted with, a couple of highlights from the day, and the four decks I drafted.

Draft One


Carrie, Morse, Zac, Forker, me, and Kadar. 2pm. Six person flight.

The mood: Jovial.

The deck:

Mardu Jund

Creatures (12)
Mardu Hateblade
Mardu Skullhunter
Ainok Tracker
Hordeling Outburst
Sidisi’s Pet
Canyon Lurkers
Alabaster Kirin
Burtcher of the Horde
Unyielding Krumar
Ponyback Brigade
Venerable Lammasu

Spells (10)
Feat of Resistance
Tormenting Voice
Mardu Charm
Arc LIghtning
Rush of Battle
Bitter Revelation
Arrow Storm
Dead Drop
Rite of the Serpent
Lands (18)
Bloodfell Caves

This deck played more like a Jund deck and less the aggro Mardu decks I keep hearing about. As I’m more of a midrange player, I loved this.

I beat Zac and Kadar. Round three never happened as my team won five by the close of round two. 2-0.

Best cards: Butcher of the Horde, Arc Lightning, Ponyback Brigade, Arrow Storm, Dead Drop.

Draft Two


Kadar, Dave, Morse, Pappa Longo, Carrie, me, Dominator, and Forker. 5pm. Eight person flight.

The mood: Saucey

The deck:

Temur Monsters

Creatures (16)
Jeskai Elder
Smoke Teller
Bloodfire Mentor
Mystic of the Hidden Way
Sagu Archer
Hooded Hydra
Witness of the Ages
Ainok Tracker
Alpine Grizzly
Jeskai Windscout
Sultai Flayer
Hooting Mandrills
Bear’s Companion
Riverwheel Aerialists

Spells (7)
Savage Punch
Force Away
Roar of Challenge
Temur Charm
Weave Fate
Dragonscale Boon
Master the Way
Lands (17)
17 Lands

This deck had no fixing save one GR dual land.  The mana was still ok most of the time cuz there was so little red requirements.

I lost to Carrie’s very good Junk mid-range deck (many powerful cards) and won my two other matches, one of which was with Forker, the other I can’t remember. 4-1 overall.

Best cards: Roar of Challenge, Master the Way (both of them won me multiple games), and Cancel (out of the board).

Draft Three


Longo, Forker, Morse, Derek, Hugh, me, Abe, Pena, Dave, Dom, Monique, and Kadar. 12 people. Two pods of six. Team draft. 8pm.

Mood: Getting sleepy.

Pack one I open this:


So there was a lot at stake.

The deck:

Abzan Get-Run-Over-By-All-the-Aggro-Decks

Creatures (15)
Rattleclaw Mystic
Archers’ Parapet
Smoke Teller
Sagu Archer
Sage-Eye Harrier
Woolly Loxodon
Krumar Bond-Kin
Kheru Bloodsucker
Abzan Guide
Unyielding Krumar
Shambling Attendants
Armament Corps
Tusked Colossodon
Vernerable Lammasu

Spells (7)
Kin-Tree Invocation
Abzan Banner
Bitter Revelation
Dragonscale Boon
Ride of the Serpent
Lands (18)
Jungle Hollow
Blossoming Sands
Abzan Tri-Land

I lost all three matches. Jon beat me quickly. Kadar smarmily beat me faster. Sean had a deck that Abe said I had a chance to beat, and he ran me the fuck over. Worst draft of the night by far. There was never anything I could do and I was bummed out. 4-4 overall.

Abe trolled Kadar by knocking him to 2-1 with a win. That meant they had a three way tie at 2-1 and had to roll for the foil Wooded Foothills. Sean won the roll.

I thought it was over and I could go home and get to sleep so I’d have a productive day in the studio Saturday. Dom tricked me and I ended up in one final unscheduled draft.

The Bad Idea Draft (aka Draft Four)


Dominator, Hugh, Pena, Sean, Abe, Dave, Kadar, and a very hungry me. Eight bros. Eight bro pod. 11:30am.

The pizza arrived shortly after the draft and we wolfed down some slices.

Mood: On edge but high on an 5 Hour Energy shot.

The deck:

Mardu Rares

Creatures (15)
Ruthless Ripper
Monastery Swiftspear
Mardu Hateblade
Gurmag Swiftwing
War-Name Aspirant
Ponyback Brigade
Witness of the Ages
Krumar Bond-Kin
Bloodfire Expert
Canyon Lurkers
Ashcloud Phoenix
Unyielding Krumar
Butcher of the Horde
Ankle Shanker
Mardu Roughrider

Spells (8)
Debilitating Injury
Tormenting Voice
Ride Down
Mardu Ascendancy
Rush of Battle
Raiders’ Spoils
Bring Low
Arrow Storm
Lands (17)
Bloodfell Cave
Scoured Barrens

I crushed Hugh. I crushed Sean. I nearly crushed Pena but the bastard dared to defeat this deck by Becoming Immense out of no where and then overwhelming me game two, too. FUUUUUCK! HAHA! Who cares? This deck was insane, fun, and my number two favorite deck of all time (number one favorite deck of all time is a Modern Masters deck from a couple weeks ago that I’ll eventually write about). Overall record: 6-5. If I don’t have that shitty 0-3 draft I’m 6-2 which ain’t bad! HA!

Best cards: Ride Down, Ponyback Brigade, Butcher of the Horde, Mardu Ascendancy, Ankle Shanker, Ashcloud Phoenix.

And that’s it! 13 hours of Magic. I know what the cards do now. I know that Khans of Tarkir is the most fun Limited Magic set since Innistrad. For this I am very grateful!

I’m ready for Team Draft League Season Four!

Thanks for reading and looking!

Much love,

Matt Jones (born 1980, Rochester, New York) is an artist living and working in Brooklyn, NY. Matt works between a variety of inter-related genres that explore mythology, archaeology, ancient history, theoretical physics, comedy, and the paranormal—all developed and inspired by research and personal experience. Together his bodies of work form a way for Matt to evaluate, negotiate, and play with the world around him. You can check out his art at www.mattjonesrules.com. Matt’s played Magic since early 1995, took a break for a decade or so, and came back to the game the weekend after the Scars of Mirrodin release. With Hugh Kramer he formed New York’s Team Draft League and is one of the original writers for Hipsters of the Coast. Matt’s been sober for seven years.

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