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Leaving a Legacy

Evan Flynn

This week Jerry and Pat invite Evan Flynn on to talk about his recent Top 8 with 8 Cast at EW!

Leaving a Legacy

Ragavan Leverage

Jerry and Patrick are joined by their most esteemed guest, Wilson Hunter!

Leaving a Legacy

Technology Sucks

Pat and Jerry catch up and talk about their upcoming plans

Leaving a Legacy

Return of the Loam!

This week Jerry welcomes back an old friend, aggroloam expert Connor Folse.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Leaving a Legacy

Sam Dams aka FenrusCloud

Jerry and Patrick welcome Sam Dams, aka FenrusCloud on to chat about his favorite Legacy deck, Infect!

Leaving a Legacy

Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan Johnson is coming off a great finish at a Trios event in Seattle and he’s got a lot to say about the format and his deck of choice.

Leaving a Legacy

It’s a Mailbag

This week Jerry and Patrick go through the mailbag, digging for questions that aren’t Zoolander references. No promises.

Leaving a Legacy

Out With The Old, In With the New featuring Dakota!

This week Jerry and Pat run through reimagining of artwork throughout the history of Magic.

Leaving a Legacy

Run It Back

Pat and Jerry pulled the last one out of the vault for your listening pleasure.

Leaving a Legacy

One Wedding Allowed

Jerry and Pat talk about Innistrad: Midnight Hunt. Jerry plays Mono Black Worldgorger. Pat rages about athletes. And more!

Goblin Lore

That Really Grinds My Hedrons

The goblins are back for another goblin profile—this time of Zada!