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Leaving a Legacy

Bryant Cook Says Syracuse Doesn’t Suck

Bryant Cook joins the cast to discuss his run into the Top 8 of a Legacy Challenge with RUG Killa TES.

Leaving a Legacy

Too Hot to Title

Pat and Jerry discuss some Legacy spice.

Leaving a Legacy

Episode 300—Thanks For the Memories

Pat and Jerry welcome back some of their favorite guests to celebrate their 300th episode.

Leaving a Legacy

Julian Knab

Jerry and Patrick sit down with esteemed Legacy content creator Julian Knab.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Leaving a Legacy

ELD Returns!

Jerry and Patrick sit down with Eric Dupuis, owner of ELD’s Time Vault Games in Bellingham, MA.

Leaving a Legacy

Eli ‘GoblinLackey1’ Goings

Goblins pilot Eli Goings joins the cast to talk about the new-look goblins.

Leaving a Legacy

The History of Legacy: Pox

Travis Parsley from The Legacy Pit joins the cast to discuss his favorite Legacy deck.

Leaving a Legacy

Tom Hepp Returns, Again!

Pat and Jerry sit down with their favorite Phyrexian, Tom Hepp!

Leaving a Legacy

Ink and Whisky Wells

Join Pat and Jerry as they take a trip down memory lane and visit some of Magic’s most iconic art!

Leaving a Legacy

M21 Spoilers

Jerry and Patrick look over the existing M21 spoilers and see what’s got a chance of impacting their favorite format.

Leaving a Legacy

LaL Retrospective with Connor Haley

Connor Haley joins the cast to turn the tables and ask Pat and Jerry questions!