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Leaving a Legacy

Commander Legends Spoilers and More

This week, Pat and Jerry do a cursory stroll through some spoilers.

Leaving a Legacy

So What If It’s Short

Pat flies solo for a mini episode.

Leaving a Legacy

Eternal Weekend Recap

Instead of having one Top 8 competitor from Eternal Weekend, we decided to get as many as we could fit on a Zoom call!

Leaving a Legacy

The Soggy Bottom Boyz

Eliot Witten joins the cast to discuss his Brainstorm Goblins brew.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Leaving a Legacy

Jerry Breaks a World Record

Jerry and Patrick take a look at decks that have topped the latest leagues and challenges.

Leaving a Legacy

Das Beej

The Biscuit Jesus joins the cast to discuss his work with WoTC streaming production, his career in professional music, and more.

Leaving a Legacy

Lists on Lists

Jerry and Patrick look over lists from the most recent Challenges and League 5-0s.

Leaving a Legacy

Gavin Verhey Brings the Beard

Gavin joins the cast to talk about life in quarantine and answer listener questions.

Leaving a Legacy

Tony Scapone Returns

Tony Scapone joins the cast to discuss his latest build of Jeskai Delver, Top 8ing a recent challenge, and even some Zendikar spoilers.

Leaving a Legacy

90s MTG

Jerry and Patrick sit down with Chris Banuchi from 90s MTG!

Leaving a Legacy

Apes Together, Strong

With Pat out, Jerry brings on a guest to discuss the latest NRG event.