State of the Meta

The Twenty Sided Metagame for May 31

This week’s State of the Meta finds that Control seems to be making a comeback.

The Twenty Sided Metagame for May 24

Some weeks the meta seems to be all Reanimator, others all control, and occasionally it’s super aggro.

The Twenty Sided Metagame for May 10

State of the Meta is a weekly column appearing every Friday and reporting on the previous week’s FNM Meta at […]

Year One

Just over a year ago I entered my first Sanctioned Magic Event in over five years. I was in for […]

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Called Shots and Attracting Hate: The Story of a Game-Changer

I’m gonna 4-0 Modern this week! Okay, if you’re reading this it’s Thursday already and I’ve either totally blown your […]

Bring Your Sunscreen

It’s spring. I live for the spring. All the things that the spring means to me come alive: ridin’ bikes, […]

Out of the Funk

I finally got a chance to play a little Standard this week and I went 2-2 at a local tournament. […]

Graveyard Hate 2.0

My girlfriend hates zombies, the undead, and frankly most gross things (or gross as far as non-necromancers are concerned). Not […]

Doubters Gonna Doubt

It’s been a couple of months since I really started trying to wrap my head around the Modern format. Between […]

American Folk/Esper Durdles

Getting into Modern as a new player/returning player can be a real drag. There is a barrier to entry the […]

This Modern Life and Rotation

It’s that time again… ROTATION. Uh… for me at least. I know just what you’re thinking. The Durdle Magus has […]