A number of us will be out of town for Grand Prix Providence this weekend and won’t be in attendance at Twenty Sided for FNM. But we wouldn’t want to leave you all without a breakdown of last week’s meta game. Here it is!

Li Xu was kind enough to collect this sample:

2 x Aggro—Mono Red, Jumbies
2 x Tempo—Bant Delver (2)
6 x Midrange—Jund (2), Naya Midrange, Bant Midrange (2)
7 x Control—Grixis (2), UWR (3), Esper (2)
2 x “Combo”—Aristocrats, tokens

And in pie-chart form it looks like this:


Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 8.39.39 AM

Control seems to be making a comeback! Where’re all my Naya Blitz bros at? And…no Reanimator?

Happy FNM’ing!


State of the Meta is a weekly column reporting on the previous week’s FNM metagame at Twenty Sided Store in Brooklyn, NY. Though it is our main base of operations, Hipsters of the Coast is in no way affiliated with Twenty Sided Store or its management.

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