It’s that time again… ROTATION. Uh… for me at least. I know just what you’re thinking. The Durdle Magus has lost what little mind he had left. No. No. I know it’s not September, I assure you I’m still sane(ish). An email went out last week from my local shop. Tuesday night’s Standard: The Gathering events are now being replaced with Modern: The Gathering events. Drafts are to continue as normal but that means I’m out of the loop for Standard now. I work on Friday nights and Saturday and Sunday… and Thursday. Looks like for the time being, all the constructed Magic I’ll be playing is Modern.

Well here’s the bad news: my Standard cards aren’t gonna see much use over the next couple of months.

Good news on the other hand: I can make just about any deck (or could last week) in Standard. Standard prices are at a premium right now. I have a lot of collateral in a stock that is now high and will soon be low.

Conclusion: SELL! SELL! SELL! Well, not sell per say. I’m trading my not too stable Standard stock for much more stable Legacy and Modern stock.

I made some power moves in trading this week. Reckoners have become fetches, and Cliques. I should have most of the cards I need in the coming weeks for constructed. It feels good to be able to do this and still get value while I can. In the mean time I’ll be looking to build up my collections of Shocklands and try to build Esper Control for the odd Standard event I’m in. (BIG SURPRISE THERE, right?)


I literally just went through my entire collection today in search of one card to complete my Modern deck this week. Like, ALL THE CARDS. But I found it. Isochron Scepter. This week I’m rocking American Midrange in Modern. Here’s the List I have right now:

2 Path to Exile
4 Electrolyze
4 Lightning Bolt
4 Lightning Helix
4 Spell Snare
2 Mana Leak
2 Cryptic Command
1 Isochron Scepter
2 Restoration Angel
4 Geist of Saint Traft
4 Snapcaster Mage
3 Vendilion Clique
4 Celestial Colonade
4 Hallowed Fountain
2 Sulfur Falls
2 Arid Mesa
3 Scalding Tarn
2 Sacred Foundry
2 Steam Vents
1 Plains
2 Island
1 Mountain

After looking online at the many different versions of this deck, this is the one I dig the most. Some ran Grim Lavamancers and/or Steppe Lynx, but I like the Geist plan.

Saint Traft must have been a heck of a guy. I suppose it’s easy to be all tough, when you know theres a 4/4 Angel coming down at your enemies too. Old Hank Traft (Saint Henry Traft could be his full name) is basically just another burn spell. In a deck like this, you have to ekk out value everywhere you can find it. If a bolt can kill a blocker and Hank gets to come in again for at least another four damage the next turn then that’s a good thing.

All the classic Modern counterspells are present, though Delay (an idea by Luis) seems like you could be a thing. Tempo is way for fun in Modern. There’s a lot of areas to attack and stalling the combos is important, as is stopping my opponent from killing my guys. The sideboard is gonna be a surprise but I think you’ll see a Boros Charm in the main. I could use more fetches but I own five so that’s what I have to work with.

After going 3-5 in the 20ss PTQ with Azorius Control I’m kind of finished playing the second banana deck for a bit. If i’m gonna take off work on a Saturday (which is great fun, but highly irresponsible if I don’t place well) then I better invest the money and time into a great deck. I LOST TO A GUY PLAYING GRAND ARBITER AUGUSTINE THE IV for god sakes. Talk about demoralizing.

I’m pretty excited about Modern this week and really happy that the tournament schedule has changed, I haven’t found anything in Standard that I really loved. For a couple weeks at least I should have the advantage of having a solid deck, and a pretty good knowledge of the decks people are playing. Change is good. Winning is better.

Zac Clark, Durdle Magus

State of the Meta is a Hipsters of the Coast column about the Constructed Metagame. Focused on Modern with occasional asides to Legacy, Standard, and finance, it is a commentary of the current trends in Constructed magic and a place that Zac Clark vents about the weekly TNM.

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