Shattered Perceptions

Modern Magic Ten Years Later

Magic has made some major changes since the Modern format debuted a decade ago.

The Pros and Cons of Five Color Commanders

Say goodbye to our not-so-little friend.

Returning to Commander In Person

What is this? An in-person Commander night? In this economy?

The History of Voltron in Commander

Reach out and smash face.

Card Kingdom

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The Wily Illusions of Minn

Ryan has a special brew featuring Mono Blue beatdown with illusion tokens!

Are Dungeons a Parasitic Mechanic?

Will you find parasites in your dungeons? What if you make your own?

Phage Defeats the Table

You can’t touch this deadly deck.

Akroma, Angelic Voltron

Old school general meets new school artifacts.

Chatterfang, Squirrel Awakening

Do you hear what The Rock is cooking in Commander?

Cards We Stopped Playing in Commander

Ryan asks why old favorites have fallen off the Commander radar.

Revisiting the Legends of Commander 2015

Experience counters dominate the influence of Commander 2015, but we got some fun new generals in the process.