If you’ve been following my articles at all, you should know that I’m not really at the point in my magic career where I can play against type. My own type, that is. I’m no Sedris, The Traitor King. (Look at that dude’s dumb face, so dumb.) I don’t like to go back on the things I love. I love green cards because I’m a new player. If I can smash and stomp and (maybe) burn with a little red, I will. Simple as that. I’m attracted to green strategies, I’m interested in the artwork on green cards. I like it. Enough said.

So it was with great initial displeasure that I found myself drafting white and blue this weekend. It was my first draft of M14. I’ve been working a lot, and going on vacations even more (it’s been wonderful, thanks for asking). This was the first time I cracked an M14 pack at a table with seven other players. My picks went well. I went all in on the fliers and spells like Time Ebb. And even though Jace’s Mindseeker is basically a green card with blue effects, it’s still a 4/4 with flying so who cares let’s smash people with it.

My first round opponent got me good with green cards and I was jealous. He dropped a new Garruk, Caller of Beasts and I cried as he drew half of his deck. In the end I couldn’t get around his big dudes and – wait – what?

There are going to be Satyrs in Theros?

Stop. For real?

Wait, but, Satyrs are my favorite! They’re so weird, and spritely, and definitely up to no good. They’re what I played in Dungeons and Dragons, to great effect (they can jump hella high in 4th Edition D&D).

Wait, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah, a tournament report. Um… yeah, I then took game two and…I’m sorry, I just can’t concentrate. Satyrs! God forbid there should ever be a card of them dancing in destructive revelry, then I’ll really lose it.

What? Really?

Ah shoot. I’m hooked on new Theros now. Sold completely. And the artwork! Thank goodness! Um.. tournament report, right. Uh, I went 2-1, whatever. Who cares. Look at those dancing SATYRS!

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