Last week I wrote about my infatuation with a new format I’d discovered (and pretty heavily modified) called The Stack. I’ve spent the past week vacationing in the mountains, and during rainy days and down time we’ve playtested The Stack. I have some thoughts I’ll share here… then it’s back to the lake!

Bad Cards are Extra Bad

I wanted my stack to be “wild” and to feel like each card draw could either make or break you. I did that, but maybe too much. No one wants a true stinker of a card. As “wild” as it is to draw cards of varying power an Uba Mask or a Kraken Hatchling will probably just sit in your hand the whole game. And that’s not the point of the stack.

Card Draw is (no duh) Super Good

I love you, Archivist.

Stack Manipulation Gets Really Tricky

If you’re playing in a three player game with a shared library a card like Crystal Ball adds a lot of depth and strategy to the game.

Graveyard Play is Key

Bringing out a Wight of Precinct Six is truly unfair in a game where at any time you could have ten or more creatures in your graveyard. But it’s fun, and it’s nice to see a card fulfill it’s ultimate potential, right?

I Need to Suck It Up

…and buy the expensive cards, those super-powerful, change the game cards. Those EDH staples. Those Planeswalkers that actually do something.

Drafting, Drafting, Drafting!

So far I only Solomon Drafted a chunk of the Stack, but it was a blast! I built a Blue-Green Merfolk/big creatures deck. My girlfriend built a Black-Red-White Good Stuff/removal deck… and she destroyed me over and over.

Also, This:


Stay tuned, once I’m not lounging under the shade of the Poconos Mountains I’ll get around the beginning to document all the cards in the stack! Stay with me during this weird journey! And if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions (or donations) lay ’em down here!

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