I played in the M14 pre-release this weekend. I went 0-4. That’s, I believe, a new low for me in my budding Magic career. I made plenty of play mistakes, and I went on tilt a little toward the end, but my main problem was mana. I’ve never had such bad luck in my brief history playing Magic. Maybe you more experienced players have had days like this. It felt like there was nothing I could do. I either didn’t have the colors I needed in the right combo, or I just straight-up couldn’t draw a land. Out of all my games, I think I mulligan’ed down to five cards eight times. But I’m tired of talking about it. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. So instead of railing against the lands that so screwed me, here are my five favorite lands in the new set!


I know this Plains has been reprinted a million times, but this is probably in my top ten lands of all time (ooh, aren’t you dying to see that list?). Fields of wheat blowing in the wind as a sun sets (or rises, glass half-full style), looks great, nice job Nils.


Oooh, is this a new one? It’s beautiful. Misty morning, those weird little outcroppings of land, all that cool blue water. I’m digging it, I always want to vacation on an Island card. Is it vacation time yet?


Sunrise in the swamp! What’s up with all these sunrise cards? I saw too few of this card during the pre-release. How am I supposed to cast my Deathgaze Cockatrice with just one swamp? Huh!?


This is what a mountain card should look like! Jagged and red and pointy and aggro! Arrgghhh! I’m a mountain card! Garrr! Andreas is killing it with these new lands.


The winner for best land of the set goes to this forest. Holy crap this thing is beautiful. I want to be one of those weirdos who has framed Magic artwork on their walls. And I want to start with a print of this forest. You rule, forest.

So there, there’s all the dumb lands I didn’t see. They look awesome this set, the colors are bright, there’s a lot of blue hues in them all (though that’s really Matt’s department, right?). I’m into it. I’m still into this set, I’m just feeling a little windswept and wrung out after such a solid smashing this weekend. Time to lick my wounds. Bye.

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