We Got A Wiener!

Two runners up and three big winners for Hipsters of the Coast and Monday Night Magic’s No, Seriously, You Draw The Card contest! Hooray!!

Splash Mountain

This week I am going to talk about splashing extra colors of mana in a Limited deck, and specifically how awesome it is to do that in Return to Ravnica block draft.

Theros Instants and Flash Creatures

I have once again compiled a list of all of the instants and flash creatures in Theros. Enjoy!

Red Deck Wins

Right now, Mono Red is a real deck and I hate it.

Card Kingdom

Lightning-fast shipping, exceptional customer service, unique MTG products, and general awesomeness since 1999.

Gods Alive!

Theros is looking pretty good for a bunch of formats, but EDH in particular is making out well in this set.

Ancient Roots

Why is Theros resonating so much with Zach B.? Flashback to August, 1994.

There’s Shit in This Pool

Matt wishes he could start the whole shitty PTQ over again with a new pool of not impossible to build with cards.

2014 Grand Prix Schedule Review (Sept. 16)

46 events in 21 countries make up the 2014 Grand Prix Schedule which was announced earlier this month. We’ll take a look at the changes to the GP Circuit including prize payout, host nations, team tournaments, and the change to back-to-back Grand Prix/Pro Tour weeks. As always, don’t miss the quick hits from the previous week and the wallpaper of the week.

Brave New Control

Speculation is rather unfashionable lately. There’s this whole “too cool for school” deal a lot of pros have with talking […]

How Magic Got Me Sober

Hunter tells the story of how Magic helped him break the cycle of addiction and alcoholism.

How Strong Is Your Devotion?

Devotion is the most important mechanic in Theros. Here are some speculative trades that will become devotion-activating format staples.