Commander 2019 Deck Themes (Potentially) Revealed

The four decks will each be based around one four mechanics: populate, flashback, morph, and madness.

Proven Combatants to Sponsor 4-6 Women/Non-Binary Magic Players on the SCG Circuit

They will provide one entry into a Star City Games Open per month for each player.

Aaron Miller Launches Treasure Skull Collection Kickstarter Campaign

The Treasure Skull design was originally created for Miller’s very popular token series.

David Buskirk Wins AliasV’s Super Spiffy Tournament II

He defeated Mohamed Kandil 2-1 in the finals.

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Brian Braun-Duin Wins Week 13 of Fandom Legends’ $4k MTG Arena Tournament Series

He defeated Javier Domínguez in the finals.

Shahar Shenhar Wins Week 12 of Fandom Legends’ $4k MTG Tournament Series

He defeated Brad Nelson in the finals.

Matias Leveratto Wins Mythic Championship III Las Vegas

He defeated Brad Nelson in the finals.

Eric Hawkins Wins Week 11 of Fandom Legends’ $4k MTG Tournament Series A

He defeated teammate Tom Locke in the finals.

Mage to Launch a “Stock Market” for Magic Cards

It will feature centralized fulfillment, verification of authenticity, and bid/ask functionality.

Gabriel Nassif Wins Week 10 of Fandom Legends’ $4k MTG Tournament Series

He defeated popular streamer Jeffrey “Sjow” Brusei in the finals.

Chandra Will be the Focus of Core Set 2020 and Have 4 New Planeswalker Cards Tied to the Set

The cards illustrate Chandra’s growth into pyromancer that we know and love today.