This statement should have come sooner, and for that delay we are truly sorry. The murder of George Floyd at the hands of police is just the latest in a seemingly endless list of murdered black people that demands all of our attention.

Black Lives Matter. They matter more than property damage. They matter more than a collectible card game.

Today we donated to various charities that support protesters on the ground working to raise awareness of the incredible racial injustice that exists in America today. Our hope is that these inspirational protesters can spark the changes this country needs and help bring justice for the black community. What they are doing in every city tonight is something they should all be proud of, and that we should be moved by.

Hipsters of the Coast has always set out to be a champion of diversity in our community by giving a voice to those who traditionally have not had their voices heard. As a company our success in this arena has been varied and is always something we strive to improve upon.

Take this opportunity to listen to the black people in our community who are speaking out. They are telling their stories about racial injustice not only on the streets of cities across the country but also in our own communities.

Listen to them. Believe their stories. Spread their messages.

Only then can we begin to make a difference.