Yesterday, Star City Games announced the SCG Tour Online, a new all-online tournament series that will take place on MTG Arena. In addition, all in-person SCG Tour events have been cancelled until at least the end of August due to the continuing impact of COVID-19.

The SCG Tour Online will use a structure similar to that of ChannelFireball’s MagicFest Online. There will be six daily Challenges, from which players earn store credit as well as SCG Online Points to qualify for a weekly Championship Qualifier held every Saturday. Those Championship Qualifiers will award cash prizes up to $1,000 for first place, as well as SCG Points to qualify for the Seasonal Championship. The Season 1 Championship will be held on July 18-19 with a $25,000 prize pool and $2,000 going to the winner.

Star City Games said that it will be providing live coverage of the Seasonal Championship as well as the Saturday Championship Qualifiers on Twitch.

Moving the SCG Tour online and cancelling in-person events puts Star City Games on the same page as the rest of the competitive Magic community. Wizards of the Coast has cancelled all in-person MagicFests for the entirety of 2020 and moved them online, while also cancelling its scheduled 2020 Players Tour and Mythic Invitational events and combining them into online events, as well.

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